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Best Source for Bissell Vacuum Parts

If you’re serious about your home or business and you own a Bissell vacuum, then you know the quality vacuum that Bissell manufactures. And chances are you don’t want to throw it out just because you need a belt or need a small repair.

So, if you’re looking for a quality source to buy Bissell vacuum parts to repair your unit, visit

Differences Between Dyson DC65 Upright Models

While cleaning carpets the plate rises and the brush bar lowers to penetrate different depths of carpet pile, successfully uprooting ground-in dirt and pet hair. A reconfigured brushroll gives 65% more power than previous models. Without needing to bend down or make adjustments to the cleaner head the Dyson DC65 Animal smoothly transitions to hard floors. On hard or delicate surfaces the brush bar retreats to protect the floor while the base plate lowers to create a seal for more suction power.